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Designing Your Own Ebook Cover

Designing Your Own Ebook Cover

Posted on: January 29, 2011

Many people that are into writing an eBook cover about a product of interest, or their own special invention, wonder how others have done it. There are so many different variations and ways that a person can make their eBook cover attractive enough for people to be drawn to it. You can have a professional cover that will draw the attention of many customers in no time, and you can even make it by yourself.

The first thing that you want to keep in mind is that according to what colors you choose for your eBook cover, will determine how much attention your cover will draw. Readers want to read something that is colorful and bold. Make sure that all the main points that you are trying to make on your cover will be in bold bright colors that stand out from the rest of the ad, which will be what attracts much attention.

Great software to use to help you in creating a successful eBook cover would be very important, so that you will have the best quality. Just throwing something together isn’t what is going to help in being successful in drawing attention to your eBook cover, but taking the time and patience to create a great quality front cover will definitely show all of the effort that you put into the cover.

There are people all over the world that are always looking for information on some kind of product or remedy that an eBook might hold the information too.

An eBook is a 3D virtual book with a front page cover on it just like a regular book that you would read except in a digital PDF form. These are used to be read on your PC, or sometimes you can open the ones that are free for the public to read online. The eBook front cover is the most important of the eBook, because it is the page that is used for advertising the product.

If you think that you not too creative or good at designing, and you figure you will have a hard time just attempting to create your own eBook cover, then one option that you can go with, is hiring a graphic designer, someone that is experienced in graphic designing. This will help you out a lot and reduce the stress of you worrying about having to do it yourself. Of course you would have to have the resources to hire a good graphic designer, so if you’re are on a budget, you can always read up ideas on how to do it by reading articles online that give you step by step instructions on how to do it. Then again, it really wouldn’t hurt for you to try creating your own eBook cover to gain some creativity skills. If you are on a budget and would still like to consider hiring a graphic designer to help you create your eBook cover page, then you can find one that will offer you a discounted price for your eBook cover.

There are software that you can use to design the ebook cover, but none of them even getting near to photoshop performance. If you create lot of ebooks and want to save money there are sites that provide action scripts that create the 3d design from flat picture, but the down side is that each time you want to make changes you need to make it on the flat layout and then make it 3d again and that can be annoying. The best way I know to make it is using smart object function that started on photoshop cs2, with that function you can create the ebook design and always come back and change the design. You can see how this method work in here, http://www.designebookcover.com and they also one ebook design for free in here http://www.designebookcover.com/free-ebook.php On that link there is also a video screenshot that will show you how that work.


This article brought to you by design ebook cover, learn how to design ebook cover by yourself.

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