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How To Design Good Looking Ebook Covers Important Tips For You To Learn

How To Design Good Looking Ebook Covers Important Tips For You To Learn

Posted on: December 20, 2011

In recent years, more and more people would like to purchase ebooks. This kind of book is actually similar with normal books in terms of the content inside. However, with ebooks you would not need to hold the books. Instead, you can use some electronic devices to show the book and you just need to download the ebook from some websites and read it using those machines.

In order to attract customers to purchase the ebook, good ebook cover design are necessary. With the good covers, readers could understand the message included in your book and they would understand more about why they should read you book. Therefore, the ebook cover design should be carefully designed.

In order to design good ebook cover, people would have to use different kinds of software, As you may know, it would be almost impossible for you to create the cover by simply using the Paint function in your computer, because you may need to add a lot of special effects on the book cover, to make things attractive. The most recommended software to use for design is adobe Photoshop.

Before you get started, you have to understand the theme of the ebook. If you cannot understand the theme, you would not be able to create a good cover design, which is related to the content of the book. Some people would try to create wonderful cover but sometimes the cover design is not related to the content of the book. As a result, the readers would not read the ebook, because they will think the ebook subject is something else.

If you going to use 3-D representations to create the cover, things would be more complicated. As you may know, you need to use some specific software to create the 3-D cover. In that case, you may need to purchase special software for the process and this may add up the cost for you to create the good ebook cover.

No doubt, there would be some free software or shared software available online. If you want to look for those products, you may want to consider searching online. There would be some websites gathering all the possible freeware for people to download, to create 3-D graphics. Of course, the functions included in the software would not be as many as those included in the paid software. We think that with Photoshop you will get the best result for 3-D ebook cover, but the disadvantage is that Photoshop license cost a lot.

When you try to create the good ebook cover, you should understand that suitable use of words in the cover, the words would help deliver the message of the book. Most of the time it will be better include both images and words in the cover, that will make the ebook cover look more attractive. You are going to create an ebook cover so you should try to include all the main messages that you think your readers would like to read.

If you do think that creating this kind of cover is difficult, you may consider hiring some professional designers to work for you.


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