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We all have our own fetishes and preferences...
...and while most NSFW content is harmless much of it is still considered socially TABOO and will literally tear your life apart if you're caught.

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You Will Get Caught Eventually!
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Most browsers these days such as Internet Explorer and FireFox have built in privacy features. The only problem with this is that your ISP still logs your browsing history and the NSA also keeps a permanent record as well.

Surfing porn on your regular computer is a massive risk!

On top of that, even with private browsing enabled your web history is STILL logged somewhere on your hard drive, even if you delete your history.
With a little know-how, your family or boss will find out about your ladyboy gangbang fetish.

Kind of makes you sick to your stomach even thinking about it right?

Let's be honest; trying to rub one out while worrying that someone will find out about all the freaky NSFW things you're into is no fun.
It's hard to enjoy deviant porn when you're worried about having to explain to your wife what a "furry" is...

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NinjaStik is like a condom for your computer, it gives you:

It's hard to enjoy hardcore MILF bondage and other NSFW content if you're sweating bullets worrying about getting caught.

Here's how it works:

Revolutionary Linux Based Design for
Maximum Security and Total Privacy!

At this point you're probably wondering why NinjaStik is the ultimate in private browsing security. The answer lies in its 256 bit encryption and Linux based operating system.

To understand how secure NinjaStik is picture this:

256 bit is roughly equivalent to the number of atoms in the universe. This means that if computer speeds double every 2 years it will be roughly 192 years before computers are fast enough to even attempt to crack 256 bit encryption!

Government agencies can't crack this let
alone your wife, parents or boss!

On top of this, the Linux based operating system routes all your Internet traffic through the TOR network, keeping it 100% private and anonymous while making you immune to all viruses, maleware, and spyware.

Since your computer's hard drive is never used you never have to worry about someone getting on your computer and finding out what you've been looking at!

NinjaStik offers the following features:

100% Flash Site Compatibility!

NinjaStik is the ONLY product of its kind that works with flash based "Tube" sites. This means that you don't have to give up your go-to sites due to compatibility issues!

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Can you really afford to have you browsing habits recorded by the government?

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P.S. I'm going to level with you here and be 100% honest. People's lives have been ruined by having their browsing history exposed.

Marriages have been destroyed, people have lost their jobs, and some people have even been locked away for decades. (though we don't condone using NinjaStik for illegal purposes)

It isn't if you'll get caught...'s a matter of when, and how bad the consequences will be.

This is where NinjaStik comes in.

This simple USB device:

You deserve the privacy and freedom to browse what you want online without the fear of others finding out.
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