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Some forums itrades and testimonials from our clients are shown below. You can obviously see from their comments that they are all happy, satisfied and overjoyed with our works. If you like our previous projects and you satisfied with our clients feedbacks it's might be the time for you to become one of them.

Client Testimonials

Banners Design Services
Jonathan Chun

I ordered a rush order for logo from Oald and he went above and beyond. The logo came out amazing and the quality was very good for the price point. This is definitely a reliable service! Looking forward to using his design services again.

Matt Lee

This guy is the real deal. I have used his services mulitple times & he always delivers. Looking forward to doing business with him again soon!

Linda Licious


I was going through the designer threads and came across this one.
I know usually warriors ask for very high prices when it comes to services like these so I was skeptical.
Anyway I contacted him and asked if he could create a custom wordpress theme for me and he gave me a really good price and he got it all done today (Sunday) with great communication.

Now here's the best part...

I was going to wait a few months before ordering this custom wordpress theme I needed, because even at outsourcing sites this would cost like $300+ minimum and would take 1 week on average. I paid less than $100 for the same job and got it all done the same day.


This is now my go to person for professional work I need done fast!

Scott Logan

I contacted Oalddesign as I noticed he was online
and had a Skype contact.
Oalddesign immediately added me to his Skype contacts list.
I told him what I was looking to have done.
I actually supplied a junky mock-up that I made myself.
He completely understood what I wanted done.
He completed the job in under 30 minutes.
Now I can't guarantee that Oalddesigns turnaround time will be as quick for you.
But what I am saying is that he did a great job on my graphic and
was well worth the money he charged and the frustration he relieved
from me trying to do this myself.
I will be back for more.
Do yourself a favor and save this guy to your favorites.

Scott Logan
Night Owl Marketing

Steven K

Excellent job with the banner created for me. And the service is outstanding!



Wow, had my header 2 hrs later!!!!
Very impressive service and a very high quality header. I just gave the fella an idea of what I wanted and he (or she) produced something far better than I had envisaged.
I'll be putting in more orders in tomorrow.

Highly recommended.

Cam Connor

I ordered three different things from OALD, A Header, A Logo, and A Banner Ad... ALL of them came out 100% spectacular, and I would happily work with OALDDesign again for all my Graphic Design needs...

He delivered stunningly, good-look graphics, at an amazing price and with an unbelievably fast turn-around. Look no further if you need any Graphic Design work completed, THIS is your guy.

Jay Latour

Wow! I just ordered a banner design tonight and it was finished within two hours from when I placed the order. An amazing looking banner and super fast job from Oald.

Dean Holland

I think it's important for you as potential clients of this designer that I post my feedback...
I contacted OaldDesign about a site I needed creating.
I showed him very minimal examples of the type of design I was looking for
Sent payment ( Which was in itself a great price )
Within 24 hours I had my site delivered and waiting for me in my inbox!
The work was nothing short of fantastic, nothing needed changing at all. He had it exactly as I imagined it to be (And we all know that doesn't happen too often right?!)
I HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone looking for quality graphics and a top quality service
All I will say is... Don't take every minute of this guys time because I have him saved in my Skype now so I want him all to myself!!!
ha ha ha :-) Great work - thanks again!

Neil M

OaldDesign so far so good. They made a logo for me, great turn around, great work. I am going to be using them often, highly recommended.

Cheree C

Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided regarding logo design to my website.
Everything was finished within an hour. Can recommend your services! Best regards

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